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How to Pack Glassware

It is important to pack your glassware to avoid any breakages while moving homes. While this can be a time consuming task, it will be worth it to have all your belongings in mint condition in your new home and to save any worries of broken glass. Use our tips below to help you keep your glassware safe:

  1. Get your Box Ready: Use quality boxes, cardboard or plastic. Make sure the bottom is taped securely. Layer the inside of the box with crumpled paper.

  2. Gather your Glassware: Collect all the glassware you'd like to wrap and have it at your wrapping 'station'. Lay out your packing paper. This will save you time as you get into the swing of things.

  3. Wrap your Glassware: Lay the glass on its side in one corner of the wrapping paper. Roll it up towards the the far corner, folding the paper in as you go. Tuck the last of the paper inside the glass. Check to make sure you can't see or feel any of the glass or its edges. If you can, repeat the wrapping process.

  4. Two at a time You may be able to wrap two glasses at a time if your packing paper is big enough and if the glasses are identical. Wrap the first glass using half the paper and then add the second glass. Make sure the glasses have paper in between them or you'll risk a breakage.

  5. Packing your boxes: Pack the heaviest glassware at the bottom of the box and the most delicate at the top.

  6. Sealing your boxes: Before you seal your boxes, pile crumpled paper in any empty space within the box and also at the very top of the box. Then close the lid and tape it up. Label it by the room it belongs to (e.g Kitchen or Dining Room) and mark on the box that it is fragile.

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